10 reasons to choose Primorsko

  1. Beautiful beaches

The town of Primorsko will offer you long beaches with golden sand and clear seawater, which is perfect for sunny days and beach fun. The city’s beaches have been awarded the “Blue Flag” award. Each of the beaches is different and has its own charm: the South beach is wonderful for children and you won’t see waves there, the North beach will delight lovers of sea sports, and Perla will give privacy.

  1. Rich natural heritage

Primorsko is surrounded by beautiful nature and centuries-old forests. The “Ropotamo” and “Arcutino” reserves offer unique opportunities for nature lovers. Here you will find a variety of eco-trails with stunning views. The rich vegetation, a huge part of which is included in the Red Book, will surprise you with its diversity.

  1. Good restaurants and diners

The city has a variety of places to eat where you can try Bulgarian and international cuisine. We especially recommend you try the local fish dishes and delicacies, as well as sweets made according to family recipes, which you will only find here.

  1. Environmentally clean environment and air

In Primorsko, great care is taken to protect nature and the environment. Since the city is far from major sea routes, the seawater is one of the cleanest in the region. Due to a huge abundance of oak forests, the air is almost as clean as in the mountains.

  1. A variety of cultural and sporting events

The city organizes concerts, exhibitions, and other cultural events throughout the year. Everyone has heard about the children’s music festivals in the summer in Primorsko. It is a place where children from all over Europe can show their talent and meet others. In addition, the International Extreme Water Sports Festival takes place every September.

  1. Schools and kindergartens

The presence of a school and a kindergarten makes it suitable for families with children. As much as Primorsko is considered a small town, its entire territory has a large number of playgrounds and sports facilities for all ages.

  1. Health facilities

The presence of a medical centre and a dentist ensures the health of the residents. The emergency department is available 24/7 throughout the year. And for the convenience of vests, there are Pharmacies in all parts of the city.

  1. Modern infrastructure

The city has modern infrastructure, including good roads and utilities. In the city, repairs and renewal of sidewalks and streets are regularly carried out. In addition, Primorsko can boast of many winning projects for modern urban environments and landscaping.

  1. Market and shops

A variety of local shops and markets provide conveniences for everyday life. In addition to small boutique shops for fruit and vegetables, large commercial chains with supermarkets are present in the city. The production in the commercial chains is diversified from food products, furniture, construction markets, landscaping, cosmetics and clothes.

  1. Multicultural Society

Primorsko is home to people from different cultures, which makes it a dynamic and interesting place to live. People of different nationalities coexist in the city. This is the place that can become a new home for each of you, no matter where you come from or what language you speak.

More about the town

Primorsko is located in the southern part of the Bulgarian Black Sea on the shores of a rocky peninsula in a fabulously picturesque region surrounded by oak forest and azure bays and large beaches with golden fine sand 50 km south of Burgas and 15 km north of Tsarevo. The climate in this region is mild, temperate-subtropical with little rainfall and crystal clear air. The average air temperature in the summer is 26-30 degrees, the water is 24-28 degrees, and in the winter 12 degrees, with a tendency to increase due to climate changes. The combination of these factors creates a long swimming season from the beginning of June to the end of September and attracts thousands of vacationers, mainly young people, to the resort.

The territory of Primorsko is rich in historical monuments: from the remains of ancient cities that existed long before our era to religious and cult facilities. The oldest settlement found in the vicinity of Primorsko is the town Ranuli, located on the hill Valchanovo Kale , in whose forests, according to many legends, he hid Valchan Voivoda. And very close to the hill was discovered the Thracian megalithic sanctuary Beglik Tash.

One of the most famous sights of Primorsko is the reserve Ropotamo. Ropotamo is located on the banks of the river of the same name, the banks of which are densely forested with tropical longnose plants, where meet a wide variety of birds and animals. The reserve is located only six kilometres from Primorsko.

Another picturesque landmark in the area is the famous Lion’s Head, which rises above the mirror waters of the river Ropotamo. This rock formation looks like a lion’s head from the side, and from this rock formation, there are unique views of the reserve Ropotamo and the surrounding area.

The distinctive feature of the resort is the wide selection of opportunities for active recreation, as well as a large number of famous nightclubs, discotheques and restaurants.

Guests here can choose the rough sea of the north beach, which is perfect for surfers, or the calm bay of the south beach. South Beach, over 3 km long and over 50 m wide, which is considered an older beach, is more developed. To get to it, you have to cross one of the two bridges over Devil’s River. The beach has fine, soft golden sand, and the approach to the water is suitable for small children. In addition to these 2 great beaches in the vicinity of Primorsko, you will find another wonderful place to relax – Perla beach, which is located right next to Residence Perla. The beach is very quiet and peaceful, protected on both sides by concrete breakwaters from the big sea waves. 

There are many options for actively spending your free time: from jet skiing to to diving with an instructor. On the territory of the city there is a football field and a field for athletics, volleyball, basketball and handball courts, outdoor tennis courts and an indoor sports hall to the Aquapark, where there is a modern fitness centre, a spa centre, where after active physical exertion, tourists can relax and have healing procedures. The main place for children’s entertainment is the local Aquapark, in which, in addition to numerous cascades and attractions, there are pools with an effect recreating sea waves and a large artificial river.

Primorsko is considered a relatively new resort, but at the same time, it is known among a large number of Bulgarian and foreign tourists.

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