Green Paradise III

The Green Paradise III

Green Paradise III – this is the third phase of “The Green Paradise” complex. The building was completed in 2015. The building is located at the back of Green Paradise I as a twin building, in the design of which the advantages of the first building were borrowed and its shortcomings were fixed. It has 6 floors: 5 above ground and 1 underground with technical purpose, and there are 23 apartments in the building and studios.

Green Paradise III is a 5-storey building with an elevator, and a basement with business premises. The building has 10 studios with an area of 31.44 sq.m to 61.79 sq.m, and 10 1-bedroom apartments with an area of 52.10 sq.m to 85.48 sq.m. The layouts of the apartments for comfort and functionality – to create them we have used the experience gained in Green Paradise I and Green Paradise II to find the most comfortable ratio of useful area and layout of the apartment. The building is attached to the west side of Green Paradise I – facing south, west and north.

Finishes in Green Paradise III are traditionally of high quality: ceramic Austrian Wienerberger bricks, breathable plaster, 5-chamber PVC windows, 7 mm thermal insulation, Italian tiles and sanitary ware. The building will continue the old Bulgarian architecture traditional for the complex.

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