Green Paradise II

The Green Paradise II

“Green Paradise II” – this is the second phase of “The Green Paradise” complex – is located very close to “Green Paradise I” in the same picturesque and dense oak forest. This stage was commissioned in 2014. There are 73 apartments in the buildings. Each building has an elevator. They consist of 5 above-ground floors and 1 underground floor, and between them there is a swimming pool, a barbecue area, as well as a rest area with beautiful gazebos that will protect you from the summer sun. There is a restaurant on the first floor of block A. On the top floors there are great apartments with spacious terraces. There is a gym under block B. In the underground floor there is a car park with an automatic door.

The buildings are built from high quality materials:

– Construction – monolithic.

– Walls – brick, outside – heat and sound insulation, inside – cement-lime plaster, gypsum putty and latex

– Windows – 5-chamber UPVC windows

– Floor: common parts – granite tiles

– Apartments – granite tiles and laminated parquet

– Bathrooms – terracotta

– Bathrooms: walls – ceramic tiles

– Elevator

– Roof – ceramic tiles

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